Xhevedet Blloshmi

Xhevdet Blloshmi

Xhevedet Blloshmi was born in Elbasan in 1911.

He escaped to Italy at the onset of communism and played a vital role in the fight against it by participating in the paratroop missions organized by the BKI.

In February 1949 he was part of Plan I of the mission drop into Albania, sponsored by the BKI with Italian assistance and parachuted with a group of four members, who were tasked with gathering information about the situation in Albania and the reorganization of the nationalist troops in the northern part of the country.

Alush Lleshanaku, together with Xhevdet Blloshmi, moved from northern Albania to Elbasan, where nationalist troops were still active. From there, they sent reports to Rome, where “L’Albanie Libre”, an active organ of the BKI, was active.

Xhevedet ultimately emigrated to the United States and remained there until his death in 1996.

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