Plan II is the follow-up mission which was conducted in December of 1949.

The reference to Plan II in this OBOPUS BGFIEND document is also very important to the history of the BKI as it refers to the second mission which included nine members of the BKI who were dropped in the Kukes region of Albania on the night of 28 December 1949.

This second letter below, dated 2 November, 1949, signed by Ndue Gjomarkaj, Kapidan of Mirdite, lists the names of the nine member team led by Kole Cuni and Gjon Gjinaj: Gjon Gjinaj, Kole Cuni, Pjeter Gjoci, Pashko Letaj, Zef Luka, Ndue Frisku, Bardhok Gjeta, Mirash Marku-Ndou and Nikoll Marku.

These names were not listed on the following report  CIA KABASHI, SHAQIR_0045 because they were not provided during the debriefing of Kole Cuni in 1954.


The letter was read to the Nationalist fighters as soon as they were assembled by Gjon Gjinaj.