Biographies – Krosbuna thru Nazi

This biographical list dates between 1950-1952 and is among the documents of the personal library of Kapidan Ndue Gjon Gjomarkaj.

The references to “Tele Nik” are referring to telegrams which were sent to Italy from Kol Cuni “Nik“, who played one of the most important roles in the fight against the communists as a member of the BKI.

(English translation follows)

KROSBUNA GJIN (GJIN KROSBUNA): 45 years old from Prosek, Kethelle, married with one child. A trustworthy and courageous man, faithful and brave, very useful to the members of our missions because he knows the inhabitants of those areas and all the surroundings. In carrying out his duties entrusted to him, he was killed by the communists on 12.6.1950. See tele Nik July 1951. His family interned.

KROSI FRROK (FRROK DED KROSI): 50 years old from Perlat, married. A brave follower of Gjon’s1 group.

KUKA GJON (GJON KUKA): Around 40 years old from Thirre of Xhuxha (Bajrak Fandi) Mirdita, married. Ex-petty officer of the gendarmerie. Left school, very capable, faithful, daring and valiant. Recruited for Gjon Gjinaj’s mission, became an informant. Many of his relatives were killed by the communists. For him, see tele Nik of 11.1, 18.1 and 28.1.1950.

KURBINI GJON (GJON FRROK KURBINI): Around 40 years old from Skurajet, married. He remained in his home and rendered information services, especially to a section of the group under the leadership of Ndue Gjergji.

KUPI IBRAHIM (IBRAHIM KUPI): Was killed by the communists in Krue (Kruja). Tele Nik 4.1.50. Was brother to Abaz Kupi, head of the Legalitet Party, member of the Committee for Free Albania.

KURTI DALIP (DALIP KURTI): Around 49 years old from Matja, married. Ex-captain of the Army during the Zog regime. Fierce anticommunist, he’s currently in the mountains of Albania.

LALA NDUE (NDUE GJOK LALA): From Mal’i Bardhe, Kruja. He is a notable from that area and comes from a family that enjoys great influence. He is an element that can be considered very useful for our aims

LALA NIKOLL (NIKOLL LALA): Around 50 years old from Fandi (Mirdita), married. He served in Gjon’s mission group

LETAJ PASHKO (PASHKO LETAJ OF ENGJULLE of MARIJE DEDAJ): Born in Shkodra, Albania in 1914, married without children. Ex-under-lieutenant of the Albanian army when he was recruited and then worked as a forest technician. Very intelligent, brave and not lacking in boldness. From a good family and related to the family of Dedaj of Shkoder who became famous even during the current regime (see biography Deda Ded). Letaj volunteered to take part in the mission headed to Albania where he stayed in the mountains from 27.12.49 to July 1951 and fulfilled his duty with self-sacrifice and incomparable value as part of the Nik mission. With the approval of the Party Council, together with his colleague Zef Luka, he went to Yugoslavia crossing the border and taking refuge there.

LUFI NDREC (NDREC LUFI): From Selite, Bajrak of Mirdita. Is noteworthy (Vojvode). Is currently a refuge in Jugoslavia.

LUKA NDUE (NDUE LUK NIKA): 35 years old from Qerret, Puka, married with chidlren. Influential and notable.

LUKA ZEF (ZEF LORO LUKA): Son of Lorenzo and Giuseppina Gjonej, born in Shkodra on 15.12.1926, unmarried. Student who served the military from 8.3 until 5.5.45, the day he deserted crossing the Greek-Albanian border. By taking refuge in Greece he joined the BKI, later arriving in Italy and voluntarily offered to participate in the mission headed for Albania where from 27.12.49 to July 51 he carried out his activity with indomitable value and self-denial as part of the Nik2 mission. He took refuge in Yugoslavian together with Letaj with the approval of the Party Council. He comes from one of the best and best known Shkoder families.

LURTHI MARKA (MARKA JAK LURTHI): Was killed by the communists while participating in the Nik mission. Tele Nik July 1951.

LLESHI PJETER (PJETER PRENG LLESHI): Around 55 years old from Bojdan’i Poshtem, the village of Mille. Ex landowner. Stayed for one year in the house of Kol Bib Mirakaj as he was trustworthy. Comes from a good family and is loyal.

LLESHI DOD (DOD PJETER LLESHI:) From Xhuxha Bajrak of Fandi, Mirdita. A person who enjoys great influence and is very intelligent. He’s the father of Zef Dod Pjetri.

LLESHI PJETER (PJETER LLESHI): Around 50 years old from Gjegjan, Bajrak Kushneni, Mirdita, married with one son. Ex head of municipality during the Zog regime, very good. While on the run he killed many communists for which he was condemned to death in-absence. However during a skirmish in 1948 he died valiantly. Tele Nik 16.1.1950.

LLUKA UK (UK SMAJL LLUKA): Around 45 years old from Kabashi, married with children. Ex officer in the gendarmerie. Is noteworthy (Vojvode) of Kabashi, coming from an excellent and first-hand family in Kabashi proper. Was promoted to Major during the anti-communist resistance in 1944.

MACORRI SADIK (SADIK MACORRI): 53 years old from Dushajve of Krasniqe, married. Extremely loyal and courageous. Is not among the notables.

MANDIJA IBRAHIM (IBRAHIM MANDIJA or IBRAHIM MANDIQ): From Shkodra, navtive of Podgorica, 55 years old, married. Lt. Colonel of the Albanian Army, occupying command offices as well as commander in different operations in one of which he had lost an eye injuring himself from a bullet. He is an energetic, very good, faithful and valiant officer. He has been purged from the service for being fiercely anti-communist.

MARKU SHKURT (BARDHOK SHKURT MARKA DODA): Around 25 years old from Xhuxhe (Fandi), Mirdita, married. Is known in that area. He studied at the convent in Mirdita where he completed elementary school. His father is very well known, very good with a lot of influence. The son is also influential and praised for his virtues.

MARKU KOL (KOL PREND MARKU): Around 50 years old from Berisha. Lt. in the reserves, he’s very capable and comes from a very large, good family. He’s a relative of Kol Bib Mirakaj.

MARKU NDUE (NDUE NDREC MARKU): Around 49 years old from Kushneni (Mirdita) married. Since he made himself available to Gjon Gjinaj’s mission he is considered a very loyal individual for the services rendered thereto.

MARTIN PREND (PREND MARTINI aka MIRAKAJ): Around 50 years old from Iballa, Puke, married with children. Is known (Vojvode) in that area and is cousin to Kol Bib Mirakaj.

MATJANI HAMIT (HAMIT MATJANI): Around 45 years old from Peqini, married. During clashes with the communists he was seriously injured. Taking refuge in Greece, he carried out activities by penetrating the Albanian territory to collect information on behalf of the Greek or even English authorities. He was the leader of an anti-communist Zoghist gang, giving the red government a lot of trouble. Now he’s in the concentration camp in Syros (Greece). He seems to have left some of his gang members in Albania, which would mean that he intends to enter Albania again to carry out his activity perhaps on behalf of the British. In his regards Nik mentions him with his telegrams on 28.1.and 2.2.1950

MEHILLI GJON (GJON MEHILLI) aka (GJON SHILLI): Around 50 years old from Flet of the Iballe Bajarak (Puka). Comes from a wealthy family of Nik Alija. Has many friends among the Kosovars, both here and there. He is a serious, intelligent, loyal and courageous individual. He is well known and is brother to Bardhok Mehilli.

MEHILLI GJON (GJON MEHILLI):Around 47 years old from Bazja of Kethelle, Mirdita, married with three children. Ex-Captain of the Army. Was killed during a skirmish with the communists while on the run.

MELYSHI MARK (MARK MELYSHI BAJRAKTARI OF LLESH): Around 27 years old from Kethella, Mirdita, married with one child. Was killed by the communists while performing his duties during one of our missions. Tele Nik, July 1951 and March 2, 1950. His father, Llesh, was hanged by the communists after the well known death of Bardhok Biba. Mark Melyshi was nephew to Ndue Melyshi of the first mission and who now finds himself as a refugee in Jugoslavia. From the Bajraktar family Mark was a young man with a lot of promise. Very painful loss.

MELYSHI FRROK (FRROK MELYSHI: Around 38 years old from Kethella, Mirdita. Was killed during a skirmish with the communists in 1948. He was a very brave, intelligent and social individual. Belonged to the family of the Kethelle Bajraktar and was one of the most active in the anti-communist resistance.

MEMA XHAFER (XHAFER MEMA): From Shengjergj. Comes from a well knownfamily with many close ties in the area. He was able to organize a troop of 400 men. With the advent of communism he went on the run, resulting in the destruction of his family, composed of 70 members. He’s trusted by Dr. Verlaci and operated under the orders of the now deceased Alush Leshanaku.

MIRAKAJ PAL (PAL MIRAKAJ): Around 40 years old from Iballa, Puka. He is brother to Kol Bib Mirakaj, ex-Minister of Interior of Albania. Pal Mirakaj was on the run from November 1944, always participating in the resistance against the communists to whom he caused many grave losses. He participated in the Nik mission from the beginning acting as his right-hand man. He’s courageous and very capable. Tele Nik 28.1 and 20.2.1950. He took cover in Jugoslavia together with other members of the Nik mission in July 1951.

MIRI FRANO (FRANO MARK MIRI): From the Grand Malessia, son of Mark Miri, well known and very wealthy who owned vast acres of land in Gurzi (on the bank of the river Mati where the migrants from Malessia settle in the winter). Valuable young man, who graduated from high school in the state school of Shkodra and was about to come to Italy to enroll in University courses. Daring and endowed with the best qualities. He was killed by the communists in 1949 in retaliation of the killing of Bardhok Biba. Tele nik 16.1.50. He was the true backbone of the armed anti-communists in the areas of Alessio and Kruja. Grave loss.

MOJSI SPIRO (SPIRO MOJSI): General, career officer who had already reached the rank of first class captain in the Zoghist period. During the Italian-Greek war he commanded a department of Albanian troops and was accused of treason. Sent to the Italian military tribunal, he was able to demonstrate, not only that he had fulfilled his duty, but that he had endured an unequal struggle with the Greeks, ten times higher and that he had withdrawn brilliantly in perfect order. But the incident affected him personally and was perhaps one of the reasons that led him to join the National Liberation Committee and later as a soldier in the communist ranks. He is over fifty, considers himself one of the best officers of the Albanian army and the most prepared. He must not be a communist fanatic, indeed, if he were assured of a future he can go back to the ideas of his old colleagues who are mostly in exile. From Durres, cousin of the famous German actor Alessandro Moisi.

MUSA MUS (MUS MURAT MUA): Around 40 years old from Qerret, Puka, married. Well known (Vojvode) of the Qerret Bajrak, next in line of Bajraktar. Belongs to a very large family.

MUSTA MET (MET ALI MUSTA): Around 50 years old from the Bajrak of Rraza. Is very capable and enjoy great influence. Very well known even in other areas such as Kruja and Mati.

MUZHAQI QERIM (QERIM MUZHAQI): From the village of Polis, Librazhd. Polis’ anti-communist forces in 1942 were under the command of his cousin Nezir Muzhaqi, employed by Qerim because of his intelligence and courage. Dangerous assignments, attacks and anti-communist sabotages were entrusted to him, which he completed assisted by Shuqri Bicaku. Nezir Muzhaqi. Informed by Qerim about the movements of the Communist brigades in the Elbasan region, when they intended to set Polis on fire and go to Mokra (Velcan), he placed all the forces at his command against the reds and inflicted a memorable defeat on them, destroying Battalion IV of Brigade II and taking prisoners the two political commissars of said battalion namely: Skender Begeja from Tirana and Hajredin Kumbaro from Gjrokastra. Later, Nezir Muzhaqi, Qerim’s cousin, fell in an ambush, was captured and hanged in the city of Elbasan. Qerim went into hiding with a cousin who died shortly afterwards bitten by a snake. About sixty people from his family are in prison because of him. House was set on fire and more than 1000 heads of small cattle looted by the communists.

MUZHANI FILIP (FILIP MUZHANI of PASHKO):From Shkodra, Albania, around 60 years old, merchant. Nik, in one of his messages, qualifies him as fierce anti-communist. Comes from one of the most notable families in Shkodra and is an in-law of Loro Pistulli. A Christian and as already mentioned fierce anti-communist. A man of great civil courage, ready to face even martyrdom for the Catholic faith of which he is an ardent observant and follower.

NAZI ZEF (ZEF NAZI):From Mjed, Zadrima, around 45 years old, married with children, landowner. Is well known in Shkodra, enjoys great influence and belongs to one the first Mulsim families in Zadrima.

1Refers to Gjon Gjinaj

2Refers to Kol “Nik” Cuni