Pershendjete! Welcome! This site was created as an informational tool for anyone who has an interest in learning the truth about the events which occurred involving the Albanian nationalists who were forced into exile at the onset of communism in Albania (1944). For forty plus years they dedicated their lives to rid Albania of the communist regime. They are true national heroes.

After Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni and his second oldest son Ndue reached Rome in 1945, they began contemplating on a way to unite Albanian Nationalists who were forced to flee their homeland and communist forces. Bloku Kombetar Independent was the fruit of these endeavors and was created in 1946 in Rome.

The party was joined by many notable figures of Albania as well as many other Nationalists, both in-country and abroad,  all of whom wanted to be part of the fight for a free Albania and fulfill their lifelong dream; to see their families once again in a free and democratic Albania!

The history of the Bloku is a long and an important one. After 9 years of existence it joined the restructured National Committee for a Free Albania (NCFA) in 1953. This Committee was created as an overt operation to assist in the US and British led covert operations, which would be launched between 1948-1953, in an attempt to free Albania and topple the communist regime.

The document below is the original Verbal Process detailing the scope of the party and listing the original charter members, it is dated 6 November, 1946.

BKI Process Verbal

Following is a copy of the original Founding Charter from February, 3, 1947.

It is important to note that the CIA and Italian Intelligence Services were constantly monitoring the activities of all the political refugees around the world and constantly communicated within the services to keep abreast of their actions. The documents which will be published on this site are from the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Reading  Electronic Room.

The CIA published numerous documents concerning the BKI, among other active political parties of the time. Following is the Founding Charter of the BKI, from the CIA as translated for their files.

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