Pjeter Kimeza

Pjeter Kimeza born c.1890, was from Kimez, village of Kalivare of the Bajrak of Spac, married.

He went on the run to fight the communists and made himself available with the group belonging to the mission of Gjon Gjinaj lending precious services during the Battle of Munella in 1951. He was especially recognized for his courage, skill and stolidity during this battle.

His trustworthiness and loyalty was once again proven when in May 1951 funds which  were dropped to a contact in Mirdita but went missing, were recovered by Pjeter Kimeza. Apparently the package had been found by a peasant from Midha whose name was not known. Pjeter Kimeza was heading to Mirdita at the time on a mission and was informed of the finding. He went to Midha and forced the peasant to turn over the package to him containing 800 gold pieces. The other 200 pieces had already been spent by the peasant. Kimeza, acting on instructions, cached the gold pieces in a safe place before returning to Jugoslavia.

Pjeter Kimeza forcibly took possession of the the gold while on a mission and did not mention the matter to Jugoslav authorities on his return, but revealed the matter only to two of his trusted comrades. Although Kimeza was not a regular member of the mission, but only a local supporter, it should be noted that he could have kept the gold pieces for himself, but following the discipline typical of Mirdita people, he informed his mission chiefs and asked for their instructions. 

He was audacious and very influential in his area. A trustworthy and extremely useful member of the team and an asset to the efforts led by the BKI.