Pal Bib Mirakaj

Pal Bib Mirakaj (1910-1978)

Pal Bib Mirakaj was born in Iballe, Puka in 1910 and died in New York in 1978.

He was a patriot, a nationalist and brother of Kolë Bibe Mirakaj, belonging to the Thaci tribe.

For seven years, 1944-1951, he led anti-communist fighters in the mountains of Northern Albania, maintaining laison between the groups in the mountains of Puka, Mirdita, Shala and Shoshi, Luma, Hasit and the Highland of Gjakova.

In 1945-1946 he and his men joined the resistance fighters in Mirdita, which were formed and organized by the Kapidan of Mirdita, Mark Gjon Marku and had reached a number of over 500 fighters .

From 1949 to 1951, the resistance led by Pal and  his nephew Ndoc Mirakaj grew, while small groups increased in numbers and became part of the Mirdita fighters. Sadly Ndoc was killed on 27 August, 1949 and the Puka fighters lost one of their most beloved leaders. 

By 1951 the resistance was losing it’s battle against the communist forces and many fighters were forced to flee into Yugoslavia. Pal Bib Mirakaj crossed the border safely into Yugoslavia early 1951 and joined many other refugees, ultimately emigrating to the USA where he was laid to rest in 1978.

CIA Report dated 21 April, 1951:

“…the prestige and authority of Pal Bib Mirakaj in that area was unrivalled, due to his own resistance record…..”

“…the influence of Pal Bib Mirakaj among Albanians there was greater than that of any other Albanian leader.”

“..the morale of the communists in the north of Albania is low. As an example, small groups of communists have in the past come upon Mirakaj, but have passed him without attempting combat.”