Interviews with Ndue Gjon Melyshi-2020

Ndue Gjon Melyshi (1911)

Ndue Gjon Melyshi , Mirdita 1911-2020.

The following are interviews conducted by Mr. Dashnor Kaloci, a reporter from

The interview is a two part account of the events leading up to the Plan I mission that Ndue Melyshi was involved in with three other nationals: Ndue Pjeter Gjomarkaj, Xhvedet Blloshmi and Alush Leshenaku.

It is a very insightful first hand account of the events taking place before and after the parachute drop.

The mission was organized by the BKI and it was the first of a number of missions which would follow.

P.S. A correction to the paragraph:

Going back to your first parachuting mission in Albania, how do you remember and when did this happen?

Our first airborne mission in Albania took place on February 15, 1949, and we set off after training at the CIA secret US base in Golfo di Taranto, which was a military fortress in Monte Mesala located in the outskirts of Rome.

That American base was connected to the Independent National Bloc, led by Gjon Marka Gjoni, Xhaferr Deva, Ismail Vërlaci, Kol Bib Mirakaj, Ernest Koliqi, Ndue Gjon Marku, Lin Shkreli etc. There were four of us: Alush Lleshanaku, Ndue Pjetër Gjonmarkaj, Haki Blloshi and me (Ndue Mëlyshi).

  • The actual member who partook in the mission in Plan I was Xhevdet Blloshmi, as also confirmed in this CIA report.
  • The individual ‘HAKI BLLOSHI’ is incorrectly referenced in this article. Haki Blloshi was a member of Balli Kombetar NOT the Bloku Kombetar Independent. He was executed in 1944.