Gjet Ndue Gjergji

Gjet Ndue Gjergji, son of Ndue Gjergji and Dile, born in Thirra, Fand in 1913.

Married to Prenda Koraci with two sons: Drandja and Nikoll. Can barely read and write.

From a young boy he grew up in the house of Gjomarkaj in Orosh, of which he was caretaker and in the absence of the family he would welcome guests and escorted the many visitors who passed by. These two functions rendered him well known throughout the mountain areas of the North, perhaps even more than the sons of the Prince; hence his presence in Mirdita almost equaled that of one of the Gjomarkaj.

He is the son of a paternal aunt of the Kapidan and therefore first cousin.

He has insightful knowledge of all the current news, not only in Mirdita but also of all other regions in the North. In particular he is knowledgeable of the complete history of friends and enemies of the House of Gjomarkaj.

In October 1944, the communists killed one of his brothers. Another brother, of around 30 years old, finds himself at large in Shkodra.

He is not only familiar with people but also places.

For our special purposes, meaning his ties to the League, we could not find a more suitable man. Naturally, he is not in a position to command a mission, but for the rest he would be the most valuable man for the mission after the leader.

Other than Luma and Lura, he has many contacts in Zadrima, in the plains of Shkodra.