Pashko Letaj

Pashko Letaj was born in Shkodra, Albania on May 4, 1914. He was related to the well known Dedaj family of Shkodra.

He was an under-lieutenant of the Albanian army when he was recruited to work as a forest technician. He was extremely intelligent and fearless. 

Letaj volunteered to take part in the BKI mission headed to Albania in December 1949 (Plan II), along with his other fellow nationalists. They would fight in the mountains from December 27, 1949 to July 1951.

He fulfilled his duty with self-sacrifice and incomparable value as part of the “Nik1 mission.

With the approval of the BKI Party Council, together with his friend and fellow fighter, Zef Luka, he went to Yugoslavia crossing the border and taking refuge there.

He eventually emigrated to the USA and settled in Oklahoma City where he passed away in 1976.


1Refers to Kol “Nik” Cuni