Letter to Gjon Markagjoni from Pjeter Kimeza 8.31.1952

In the letter below Pjeter Kimeza, brother of Dom Nikoll Kimeza, related to Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni the economic and social situation in Albania, seven years after the takeover of communism in 1944. 

The original letter, written in Albanian, was intercepted and translated by the Italian Secret Service. At that time Italy was under a center-right government and many inside the government were very worried about the rise of communism. The Italian government often intercepted documents and letters from Yugoslavia or Albania, addressed to Gjon Markagjoni and Ndue Gjomarkaj, before delivery, and translated them for their own records.

13, November 1952

Pjeter Kimeza writes to Kapidan Gjon Marka Gjoni from Podjevo, Jugoslavia, on 31.8.1952

On the occasion of our passage here in Yugoslavia we are writing this letter wishing you health, your son Ndue and all your friends and acquaintances. We are also in good health and thank God for having saved us in this difficult border crossing.

How are you Mr. Kapidan? And your son Ndue? We hope well. We crossed the border on 12 August with our other comrades, but to tell the truth we have suffered a lot in these months living beyond the border. We inform you that I, Pjeter Kimeza and Frrok Nikoll have brought with us Don Zef Coku (Don Zef Oroshi) from Mirdita with 10 other people. We also inform you that all your family members are in good health. Your son Dede is in prison in Tirana and it is forbidden to visit him; however, we are informed that he is in good health. My mother, who was released from prison recently, informed me that your little Gjon (the son of the late Mark Gjomarkaj eldest son of the Kapidan) is free and is studying at the gymnasium. As for your wife, I was told that she was ill, but that she is now completely healed. Do not worry about it. Of those confined to Tepelena, 9,500 people have been released from last year to today.

Now I will tell you about the people killed in 1952: 

  • Ndue Llesh Frroku and Preng Zef Marku from Menela with 11 other men from Mirdita as well as Preng Frrok Gjeta with his two sons.
  • I then offer you my condolences for your nephew Bib Marka Biba who was killed in Fusha’s home in Bulger.
  • In Kurbin, Gjergj Nikoll Ndreu was killed with 7 men.
  • A total of 12 people have been shot in Korthepulla, Hajmeli and Menela since last February so far.
  • Dod Cub Dedani, Zef Paloka and Prend and Bib Preci along with 5 people were sentenced to death, as well as Gjergj Marka Ndue Pregjoni from Kashnjeti.

I will also inform you that the number of people arrested in Mirdita in 1952 is 400 and more. Among these are:

  • Preng Nikoll Xhuxha, Nikoll Llesh Ndreca, Gjon Gjet Prend Gjivuka, Dod Kec Bellshi from Kethella and Eper, Zef Preng Marka Gjini with 10 men also from Kethella and Eper, as well as Gjeto Mark Dod Lleshi and Ndue Dod Suma from Gjegjan.

Gjon Mehilli and Dod Jaku from Flet were arrested by Security and sentenced to be shot.

The priest Don Rrok Frisku died in prison. Don Ndue Shulani has been released from prison, but he is sick with disabled arms. Frrok Mushta is dead. Ndrec, son of Frrok Prenga, was released from confinement.

Mr. Kapidan, I inform you that Marka Dod Alija is fine with the whole family as well as Dod Ndre Qafa with all of his family, only that he has his son Gjoka sentenced to 5 years in prison. Furthermore, Ndue Prend Doda da Gojani is fine but Nikoll (his brother) died in prison. He left only one daughter.

To tell you the truth the Albanian people has been reduced to extremes.

Hence, we extend our regards to you. Pjeter Kimeza and Frrok Nikolli.

Comment: Pjeter Kimeza is the heroic supporter of our missions since the first days of their landing in Mirdita. The sacrifices made by this valiant for the cause are truly exceptional. It is he who has rescued many groups of our people in Yugoslavia in danger of being arrested or suppressed. Impressive is the list of the new victims of the communist terror that rages on the strong lineage of the Mirditi to destroy it. Note the news of four hundred men arrested as well as those killed and shot. No area of ​​Albania has suffered as much as this, which has remained loyal to its Kapidan.