Letter to Gjon Markagjoni from his son Nikoll- 7.1.1952

In the letter below, Nikoll Gjomarkaj and his cousin Ndue Pjeter Gjomarkaj, described to Nikoll’s father, Gjon Markagjoni and brother Ndue Gjomarkaj, the economic and social situation in Albania, eight years after the takeover of communism in 1944. The letter was written while they were refugees in Mitrovica, Yugoslavia in 1952.

Once again it is important to note the similarities between today’s state of affairs with those expressed in this letter written forty-eight years earlier.

The original letter, written in Albanian, was intercepted and translated by the Italian Secret Service. At that time Italy was under a center-right government and many inside the government were very worried about the rise of communism. The Italian government often intercepted documents and letters from Yugoslavia or Albania, addressed to Gjon Markagjoni and Ndue Gjomarkaj before delivery and translated them for their own records.



Rome 13, November 1952

Nikoll Gjomarkaj and Ndue Pjeter Gjomarkaj, from Yugoslavia, write to the Kapidan and his son:

“The time has arrived to send you another letter by means of friends like last year. We hope this meeting with our friends from here, for the second time, will be crowned with success.

As you know, our friends will wish for a sincere and friendly understanding with you, as indeed is also your desire.

We are sorry if we, young as we are and inexperienced in politics, but proven by sacrifices and battles, write two lines trying to highlight the reality of the facts. You have always advised us with your letters to get along with our Yugoslav friends as well as with all Albanian emigrants who found themselves in this noble Yugoslav land, without taking into account the differences of region, religion or political tendencies and we have tried to adhere to your wise advice.

We are convinced that no other Albanian expert in politics as yourself, ensuring to establish independence and national integrity, would neglect to make such an important and necessary friendship for the salvation of our people who are suffering so excruciatingly under the yoke of the current regime.

We have very clear evidence that the Tito government loves the Albanian people more than any other. We are more than sure that this noble government will not allow Albania to be trampled on by anyone. Their desire has always been and still is for Albania to be free, independent and democratic. Everything must belong to the Albanian people and not like today where the economy and everything else is in the hands of tormentors from Moscow.

The general interest for now is that Albania be free from the chains of slavery; afterward, for the people to choose their form of government.

Albania is not of a person, nor of a region; Albania belongs to the Albanian people without distinction. But it is known that the mass always follows the leaders. If these leaders know how to properly direct and guide the masses, their purpose will be realized.

We all know that Albania has lost its political and economic independence today; it has become an appendix of the Soviet Union only because its leaders, Enver Hoxha and Mehmet Shehu who, with their followers, do not have in their heart independence for their people; therefore the political and economic situation is in a state of pity.

We don’t want to give you advice or instructions, that is not our intention; we just want to express our ideas, our feelings.

However, you will meet with a delegate from the Yugoslav government, with whom you will relate very well. The meeting with this friend of ours is very important and he comes with a clear and broad program. We recommend the utmost secrecy about this meeting, since apart from the two of us, nobody knows anything about it.

Many greetings

Nikoll Gjomarkaj     Ndue Pjeter Gjomarkaj