Invitation to Albanian Independence Day – 1945

The memo below was sent by Dr. Gaspar (Lin) Shkreli to a number of political refugee groups in Rome on 27 November, 1945. The memo is an invitation to celebrate Albanian Independence Day on 28 November, 1945

Dr. Shkreli was President of the Albanian Students Association in Italy, and it was in that capacity that he forwarded the memo.

He later served on the BKI Council and directed the youth of the BKI.

Mr. Mehmet Konitza
Kosovar Group
Ballit Kombtar
K. N-Cl; and K.K. Shq.
Democratic Independent
Cameria Group

On the 28th of November, on the occasion of our national holiday,
the association of Albanian universities in Italy will host
a luncheon at the Montebello 75 bar.

We would like you to take part as well along with
two members from of your group.

With great honor

Gasper  Shkreli

Secretary Society of Albanian University