Zef Luka

Born in Shkodra on December 15, 1926, he was the son of Lorenzo and Giuseppina Gjonej. He came from one the best and notable families in Shkodra.

As a student he joined the military from March 8 until May 5, 1945, the day he deserted crossing the Greek-Albanian border.

By taking refuge in Greece he joined the BKI, later arriving in Italy where he voluntarily offered to participate in the mission heading to Albania on December 28, 1949. He remained there and from December 27, 1949 to July 1951 carried out his activity with indomitable value and self-denial as part of the Nik1 mission. One of these missions was the Battle of Munella, on April 25, 1951. He took refuge in Yugoslavia with Pashko Letaj, with the approval of the Party Council.

Zef and Ndue Gjon Marku returned to Albania and both were reunited with their respective families, whom they hadn’t seen for 50 years.

Zef and Ndue’s friendship lasted a lifetime and their memories will never be forgotten.

Ndue Gjon Marku and Zef Luka, Durres 1994

1Refers to Kol “Nik” Cuni