Telegram 4.12.1950 No. 90 – Alush Lleshanaku

This telegram was sent by Alush Lleshanaku on December 4, 1950( 20 days prior his death in Elbasan), to his compatriots Gjon Gjinaj, Kol Cuni and Pal Biba. This is most likely one of the last pieces of correspondence between Alush and his friends in exile.

It is a sad reminder of the camaraderie felt by these heroes who were fighting with all their might for their beloved homeland. Their allegiance to each other, values and love for Albania never faltered. So many lost their lives for a cause they believed truly worthwhile; freedom and democracy.

Alush 4/12/1950

Nr. 90

 For Gjon – Nik – Pal Biba

Best greetings – stop.

I remind you of all the wonderful

honors and miracles – stop.

Thank you for what you did for me

and I embrace you and salute you with all my heart.