Letter to Kol Bib Mirakaj -9.26.1951

Gjon Lek Zogu writes to Kol Bib Mirakaj on 26.9.151 from Gjakova:

“Our dear Kol – Pashuk1, one of the most faithful supporters of our people’s freedom, fell heroically (16.7.1946), but unfortunately the misfortune of our people did not end there: later the leader of the Albanian freedom fighters also fell, the most trusted son of the Eagle (coat of arms of the Albanian flag), Ndoc Kola2 (28.8.1949), fighting with an incomparable self-denial against the communists and spies of Enver Hoxha, puppies of Russia.”

“His killing caused a flood in the hearts of patriots, so much so that even five year old children cried. At the same time it upset the entire Albanian population and caused the increase of hatred and anger against the current terrorist government and this anger will soon explode like a volcano which will annihilate the treacherous gangs, resulting in the disappearance of the terror and suffering of the people who will raise the banner immersed in the blood of Ndoc and his companions.”

“Thousands are the Albanians who expatriate, but the hope of an imminent return to their homeland takes away the sadness of their worries. To reach this day we will have to follow the path of Ndoc without fear of death.”

Regards from someone who will not forget you

Gjon Lek Zogu

P.S. I am the nephew of Mark Zogu therefore my mother and that of Ndoc were cousins. Mother of Ndoc (son of Kol Biba) was the deceased wife of Kol Bib Mirakaj, hence Gjon Lek Zogu would be his nephew.

COMMENTS: The letters written to Kol Bib Mirakaj from the Albanian refugees in Yugoslavi,  in which the sacrifices of Pashuk are celebrated and especially the heroism shown by Ndoc Mirakaj, are many.

We3 periodically translate them to give some idea of the intense patriotic climate in which the Albanian eyewitnesses of the terror and injustices of the Soviet regime live.

The example full of human splendor of the heroes of the resistance – first among them Gjomarkaj, Mirakaj, Melyshi – not only has it not weakened the very strong popular temperament but it has aroused the desire for imitation and emulation.

1Brother of Kol Bib Mirakaj

2Son of Kol Bib Mirakaj

3Italian Intelligence Service


Translation courtesy of Bianca Gjomarkaj