June/Qershor 1949


We have had news from the U.S.A. of an initiative of great importance. Mr. Joseph K. Grew, former US Ambassador to Japan, has founded the National Committee for Free Europe, Inc.

The aim of this Committee for Free Europe, Inc. is to be in cooperation with the exiled leaders of the countries under the Communist yoke. This Committee has already obtained the support of such prominent American political and private personages as Gen. Eisenhower, Mr. Arthur B. Lane (who resigned as US Ambassador to Poland two years ago to protest against the totalitarian regime established in that country), Mr. William Green, A.F.L. President and many others. 

Mr. Grew states that the Committee he has formed will complete the work of the State Department in the Cold War against Communism. The State Department has noted the formation of the Committee and approved its objectives. For the time being, the following six Communist dominated countries are included in the program of the Committee: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Russia. Other countries, however, under the same Red domination, eventually will be represented in the Committee.

Mr. Grew’s initiative deserves the amplest praise because it is a clear indication that the democracies are abandoning their opportunistic attitude maintained so far towards Red totalitarianism. Moreover, since the founder of the Committee is convinced that victory may be attained only by working in the field of ideas, we can hope that the time has come at last when Soviet propaganda can be opposed vigorously by such international services so as to demolish the falsehoods spread by the Cominform or any other Communist source.

To rebut Communist propaganda more effectively, it is all important to collaborate with the exiles from the unlucky countries that fell under the Soviet yoke. Such was the idea of Mr. Grew. So his Committee cannot be but effective. We therefore heartily welcome the formation of the National Committee for Free Europe, Inc.

Albania is suffering under Communist domination not less than the other six countries participating in Mr. Grew’s Committee. For this reason we hope that we Albanians too will be given the possibility to share more effectively in the fight against totalitarianism.

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