October/Tetor 1949

Rome, October 25, 1949

In a report published on the 20th of this month, the Albanian Communist Party charged the existence of a “secret treaty between the government of Rome, Belgrade and Athens for the occupation and division of Albania”.

In particular, Rome was accused of “organizing in Italy groups of saboteurs that are sent to Albania clandestinely”.

It is useless to say the accusations and the ones aforementioned are fantasies of the actions invented to further the Cold War with Yugoslavia.

 As far as Italy is concerned, we must recall here the well-known declaration, that the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sforza1, had to make not more than two months ago, in response to a question from the Communist Terracini2: “Today’s Italy defends freedom and Albanian independence.”

Therefore no one should fear that any danger threatens the territorial integrity of our country by Italy.

1 Carlo Sforza

2 Umberto Terracini


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