Biographies – Sadiku thru Zogu

This biographical list dates between 1950-1952 and is among the documents of the personal library of Kapidan Ndue Gjon Gjomarkaj.

The references to “Tele Nik” are referring to telegrams which were sent to Italy from Kol Cuni “Nik“, who played one of the most important roles in the fight against the communists as a member of the BKI.

(English translation follows)

SADIKU ADEM (ADEM SADIKU): Catholic, 50 years old from Pelci, Merturi, married, landowner, noteworthy. Is brother to Fet Sadiku (Vojvode) of Merturi (notable). Large family related to Mirakaj. Adem is also a friend of Prof. Ernest Koliqi.

SADIKU KOL (KOL MARKU SADIKU): From Fjerze, married. Is not part of any noteworthy family but has influence. Has three brothers

SADIKU SEJDE (SEJDI SADIKU): Around 50 years old from Curraj Eper (Nikaj), notable in that area.

SADRIJA MURREC (MURREC SADRIJA): Around 60 years old from Shengjergji, married. Is Head of Merturi (Vojvode), notable.

SALIH BAJRAM (BAJRAM SALIHI): From Krasniqe, landowner. Belongs to one of the three most notable and largest families. He himself is notable in Krasniqe.

SALIJA YMER (YMER SALIJA): Around 50 years old from the village of Sumaj of Luma, married, with children. Landowner. Belongs to a very well known family and enjoys great influence. Is a friend of Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni. He went into hiding.

SARACI LODOVIK (LODOVIK SARACI of GASPARE): From Shkodra, Albania, 48 years old, married, with children. Major in the Albanian Gendarmerie, was a follower of Sander (Llesh) Gjomarkaj as a military expert when he was killed on 24 August, 1947. He was considered one of the best officers of the Albanian Army. Educated, well bred. Fearless but at the same time cautious. His death, in the anti-communist fight, posed a great loss.

SELIM SUL (SUL SELIMI): From Zheilm (Krabi) Elbasan. His fight against the communists began in late 1942 with a squad of chosen fighters. He had violent clashes with Myslim Peza (today general of the red army), who suddenly assailed him in the village of Zhallime setting fire to his house and sequestering 300 heads of his cattle. Following, Sul reinforced the ranks of his followers increasing the number up to 200 men. Another hundred he kept in reserve for the safety of the village. Once the communist regime was established, he lived on the run in the mountains fighting the government forces who in 1946 killed his brother and cousin in a clash and wounded him. His family is confined to a concentration camp. He is a trusted man of Verlaci. He operated under the command of Alush Leshanaku.

SHANTOJA VIKTOR (VIKTOR SHANTOJA of SHAN): His mother was from Vienna. He was born in Shkodra, Albania, around 55 years old, married, with children. Lt. Colonel of the Gendarmerie, he served without emphasizing adherence to the communist party, which the command of the Albanian Gendarmerie aimed at. Of excellent nationalistic and anti-communist sentiments. He is a good officer and active, as well as loyal. Dom Lazer Shantoja, tortured and executed by the current Hoxha regime, was his cousin. Viktor Shantoja was dismissed from duty.

SHAQIRI HYSNI (HYSNI SHAQIRI): Ex-Captain of the Albanian Army, but because he was anti-communist he was dismissed from service from the Hoxha regime. Tele Nik 9.9.50.

SHIMA SEJFULLAH (SEJFULLAH SHIMA): Around 55 years old from Kruja, married. A trustworthy individual who provided services to our missions from his own home.

SHKRELI LEC (LEC SHKRELI of NDOK): Around 65 years old from Shkodra, Albania, married with three boys and one girl. Businessman and landowner in Shkodra. He is uncle to Lin Shkreli, on the Board of Directors of the National Independent Bloc. Lec Shkreli was referred by Nik as a fierce anti-communist in his messages, based on the reports from the noted Hil Shllaku. All his property was confiscated by the regime and he was imprisoned and tortured.

SHKURTI BARDHOK (BARDHOK MARKA SHKURTI): Elementary school teacher. He volunteered and went into hiding lending services to the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission, both at the Battle of Zepe and the Battle of Munella. Tele Nik 11.1.1950.

SHKURTI GJON (GJON MARKA SHKURTI): Brother of Bardhok Shkurti. He volunteered and went into hiding lending services to the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission. Tele Nik 11.1.1950. Killed during the Battle of Zepe.

SHLLAKU HILE (HILE SHLLAKU): Former Sergeant Major of the Albanian Gendarmerie, he served mainly as Secretary of Zone Commands in Shkodra and Tirana. Very good non-commissioned officer, faithful and daring. His wish was to be promoted to under-Lieutenant. In 1949 he was sentenced to death and was about to be executed but with incomparable cold blood, he cut his heel and freed himself from the chains. He escaped from prison by jumping from the third floor, and saving himself from the sentries managed to reach the mountains. In retaliation, two of his family members: his brother and father, were arrested and both were condemned. On the run he managed to join Pal Biba, respectively in Nik’s mission. He gave them very important information which Nik transmitted with his messages. Hile took a risk and managed to secretly penetrate Shkodra, where he brought information of great importance to Nik, which he reported in his messages. Before our missions he had been allowed to take refuge in Yugoslavia, while a refugee there he continued to remain in contact with members of the missions themselves. He is a friend of the ex-Officer Ndoc Radovani as well as friend of Kol Bib Mirakaj and is also known by other members of the BKI.

SHLLAKU MARK (MARK GJON SHLLAKU): Around 70 years old from Shkodra, Albania, married, with children. His profession is of a wagoner. From Nik’s messages with references to the reports of Hil Shllaku, he is a fierce anti-comunist. Was always a good person, very audacious and extremely loyal.

SPAHIJA LUTFI (LUTFI SPAHIJA): From Luma from the known house of Spahi. He has been in Prizrend, Jugoslavia for more than three years. Professor. An ambiguous individual.

SUKNIQ YMER (YMER SUKNIQ aka SUKNEJ): Originally from Podgorica that is why he’s called Sukniq, born in Shkodra, Albania, around 50 years old. Major in the Albanian Army, good and trustworthy, as well as audacious. Was expelled because he was anti-communist.

SUMA PASHKO (PASHKO SUMA): 37 years old from Gjegjan of the Kushneni Bajrak, married. Is know to have many friends in the Kruja region, where he enjoys a good reputation as a loyal follower to traditions and hospitality. The communists killed four members of his family. Is a man of absolute trust. While rendering his services to the mission he was killed by the communists. Tele Nik July 1951. His family is interned in the concentration camps.

SYLO PJETER (PJETER MARKA SYLO): Around 55 years old from Floti. Belongs to a large family of 25 members and is among one of the best among the Thac tribe.

TAFANI ADEM (ADEM TAFANI): From Belesh, Dumre. At the command of 150 guerrillas fought the communists in the Berat area. He was under Captain Xhafer Bali, an Officer charged by the late Shefqet Bey Verlaci, to oppose the communist movement with weapons. At the end of 1944, with a nephew and a handful of faithful followers, he became a fugitive. His house was burned and the family interned. He is now sheltered in Yugoslavia.

TOMA GJIN (GJIN MARKA TOMA): 35 years old from Bazja, Kethelle. General of the Communist Army, one of the founders of the party, known throughout Albania for his cunning and exceptional energy, political Commissar in the 1st red brigade commanded by Mehmet Shehu during the action  of 1943-1944 to establish the Soviet regime in the country. One of the most prominent personalities of Albanian communism. A few months ago, some say he is a fugitive, some say he is in prison and other say he was killed. He witnessed the hanging of 14 people in Mirdita condemned for the killing of Bardhok Biba. Message Nik.

TANUSHI FRROK (FRROK KOL TANUSHI): 56 years old from Lac, Kurbin (Kruja), married with four sons. Good, known in his area, influential. Before 1947 he was at home and then went on the run and volunteered himself to the group in Gjon Gjinaj’s mission where he rendered his services.

TARAZHI PRENG (PRENG ZEF TARAZHI): Was killed while performing his duties during the mission. Tele Nik July 1951.

TEPELIJA MAN (MAN TEPEIJA of HAXHI NASUF): From Shkodra, around 70 years old, married with one daughter. Merchant in wholesale and retail, rich and enjoys great influence among the Muslims of the Prefecture of Shkodra. He was imprisoned and tortured. His property and all his liquid assets were confiscated. A bitter anticommunist. Tele Nik 27.1.50.

TISHI ZEF (ZEF TISHI): From Midha, Puka, around 30 years old. Belongs to one of the best families in the area, courageous as well as influential. Was appointed Lieutenant during the anti-communist resistance in 1944.

TOMA HIL (HIL TOMA): Around 50 years old from Karma, Puka. Is well known and belongs to a large family

TOSKU KOL (KOL TOSKU): Was killed in the performance of his duties by the communists. He was part of the Nik mission. Tele July 1951.

TUCI NDREC (NDREC PRENG TUCI): Around 50 years old from Bisake, Fandi, married with children. Landowner. Honorary Lieutenant, enjoys everyone’s friendship. Intelligent and well known, even in other areas for his qualities. He rendered his services to the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission.

TUCI LLESH (LLESH MARKA TUCI): Went into hiding and joined the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission where he rendered his services. Tele Nik 3.2.50.

VILA GJET (GJET DED VILA): Hanged by the communists in retaliation of the killing of Bardhok Biba. Tele Nik 4.2.1950.

VILA DEDE (DED VILA): Married with two sons. While in hiding was killed during a skirmish with the communists. Tele Nik 16.1.50.

VOCI ZEF (ZEF VOCI): 45 years old from Thirre, Fandi, Mirdita, married. He was rendering his services to the mission and while performing his duties was killed by the communists, during a skirmish, along with Bardhok Gjeta, Ndue Frisku and Pjeter Gjeta. Tele Nik 4.3.50.

VOCI FRROK (FRROK VOCI): from Xhuxha, Fandi, 40 years old, wealthy, trustworthy, loyal and broken from fugitive life because he also lived in hiding under other regimes. Zef Voci, one of four killed fighting in Laja, was his brother.

VOKRRI MARKA (MARKA BIB VOKRRI): from the village of Xhuxha del Bajrak of Fandi, of a family of chiefs, 38 years old, a man renowned for balance and energy, educated and influential, even outside his own area. Tied to Luma notables, he is very important and has the ear of Mirdita. He is a friend of the household of Kapidan Gjon Marka Gjoni. In 1945 he was imprisoned and tortured by the Communists but as soon as he was acquitted he went into hiding. On August 9, 1947 he fought alongside Llesh Gjomarkaj (Kapidan’s third son) when they were besieged in Mungje by the Communists and Llesh Gjomarkaj, Tun Nikolla and Marka Gera fell. Major Lodovik Saraci was chased after his injuries and died in the mountains on 24 August, 1947. Vokrri, instead, with his men overtook the siege and was able to save himself.

VOLAJ MIRASH (MARK MIRASH VOLAJ): Under Shkodra prefecture, unmarried. He served in the Albanian Gendarmerie from 10.10.43 to 30.10.44. He fought against the communists in the Kolshi Gorge in November 1944 with the group of Kol Ndou, led by the Bajraktar of Shala as commander. Later, he was mobilized by the Communists, however on 22.9.46, through Gjrokastra and Delvinaci, was able to flee to Greece then to Italy where he presented himself voluntarily and took part in the mission to be parachuted into Albania, which took effect 27.12.1949. He served with valor and self-sacrifice. Very good and daring. He knows the area of Dukagjini well and those of Tropoje, Luma, Alessio and Grande Malessia. From July 1951 he took refuge in Yugoslavia, with members of the mission, with the consent of the Party Council.

VUKA PRENG (PRENG DOD VUKA): Around 50 years old from Xhuxha (Bajrak of Fandi), Mirdita. Married with children, landowner. In 1944 fought against the communists. He’s well known and enjoys great influence. As well as being a good individual he’s also well known in Luma where he has many friends. He rendered services to the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission. Preng is the nephew of Prince Gjon Markagjoni.

YMERI SELIM (SELIM YMERI): Ex under-Lieutenant, dismissed from the Albanian Army for being anti-communist. Tele Nik 9.9.1950.

YMERI YMER (YMER YMERI): Around 40 years old from Sakat of the Iballe Bajrak (Puka). Ex Sargeant of the Gendarmerie. Comes from a good family and is very active. Has Zog1hist leanings.

ZAGOLLI QERIM (QERIM ZAGOLLI): From Berzeshte, Moker. Finds himself on the run. Collaborated with Xhevdet Blloshmi and fought bravely against the 1st Red Brigade led by the notorious Mehmet Shehu. Has no relation to the Zogolli family of Mati (ex King Zog). The communists burned his house and interned his family. Faithful follower of Verlaci and operated under the orders of Alush Leshanaku.

ZEFI MARK: Son of Zef Ndreca, brother of Ndue Zefi, both of whom were killed in the Battle of Zepe. Mark fought in the Battle of Zepe in 1950 and the Battle of Munella in 1951.

ZEFI NDUE (NDUE ZEFI): Went into hiding and made himself available to the group of Gjon Gjinaj’s mission. However, during the performance of his duties, in a skermish with the communists, he was killed. He was 18 years old. The son of Zef Ndreca, also killed in the Battle of Zepe.

ZEFI KOL (KOL ZEFI): Ex Lieutenant of the Albanian Army, was dismissed for being anti-communist. Tele Nik 9.9.1950.

ZEFI PJETER (PJETER MARKA ZEFI): Around 30 years old from Kashnjet of the Dibri Bajrak, married, landowner. He’s well known and comes from a noted family. He’s very good, able and enjoys influence.

ZENELI HAJDIN (HAJDIN ZENELI): Around 40 years old from Kepenaku (Bytic), married with children. He is an ex-Myfti (Leader in the Muslim religion) of Kukes. Was the adoptive brother of the now deceased Pashuk Mirakaj.

ZEQIRI RAM (RAM ZEQIRI): Around 40 years old from Krasniqe where he is Vojvoda (notable). Ex Captain of the Infantry. He has strong relations with Mirakaj.

ZOGU MARKA (MARKA ZOGU): 52 years old from Arsti (Iballe). Vice Prefect of Puka, married with children. He’s very audacious and is among the notables of Iballe.

ZOGU SADRI (SADRI ZOGU): From Zogaj (Bytyc). Has a degree in law and is an ex-judge. Belongs to a large family. Is a friend of Mirakaj.

1Pertains to Zog I of Albania