Ndue Gjon Melyshi

Ndue Gjon Melyshi (1911)

Ndue Gjon Melyshi , Mirdita 1911-2020.

Today, July 31, 2020, the last bright light of a group of heroes who went beyond his national duty to fight the insurgence of communism in Albania, through many subversive missions, passed away peacefully in his home in Shkodra.

Ndue Gjon Melyshi was born in Mirdita in 1913. He was the last survivor of a period during which the Bloku Kombetar Independent was most active (1949-1957). Ndue participated in a number of secret missions, parachuting into Albania, beginning with the first one on February 15, 1949, under the leadership of the leaders of the BKI. He was instrumental in the Battle of Zepe in1950 and the Battle of Munella in 1951. In his own words this interview details the missions in which he participated.

Ndue left his wife and children behind in order to continue the fight from abroad, separating him from daughters he wouldn’t reunite with for 50 years. His sacrifice and that of his family is to be remembered as a the ultimate sacrifice for love of country.

Melyshi returned to Shkodra a few years ago and lived with his daughter Bardha. I was delighted to see him again after many years, having known him in New York. His mind and his wit were intact, even at the ripe old age of 109. I feel blessed that I got to spend the last few years visiting with him and reminiscing about the old days with my father and grandfather.

Most importantly, he was the last survivor of a fierce group of resistance fighters who believed with all their heart and soul that Albania belonged to the people and that their efforts would one day be rewarded with the freedom and democracy they so much sought for their homeland.

He must be remembered as a hero to the people of Mirdita.

May he rest in peace!

Bianca Gjomarkaj