Kapidan Ndue Gjon Gjomarkaj

Ndue Gjon Gjomarkaj              (Markagjoni) (1914-2011)

Vice-president and Founding Member of the BKI.

Second born son of the Prince of Mirdita, Gjon Marka Gjoni.

His brothers, Mark and Sander, fell heroically fighting against communism, the first in 1946 and the second a year later in 1947.

As a young man he was educated in full respect for the Albanian traditions which were revived in him by a carefully received education, first in Austria and then in Italy.

He enjoyed great prestige among the people of Mirdita, who remained faithful to its Prince, and from 1946 distinguished himself by the fervor with which he served in exile in the anti-communist cause and earned the esteem of Albanians and foreigners who knew him.

He lived with his father in Rome. Some years after the death of his father in 1966 he and his newfound family emigrated to the United States where he lived until his death in 2011.