January/Janar 1950


(Il Quarto Anniversario Della Repubblica Popolare Albanese)

On January 11, 1946, a constituent assembly, made up of elements well known for their servility as a Soviet regime, proclaimed the formation of the “Albanian People’s Republic” in Tirana.

This decision is of great importance to our people because it marks the date on which they lose their sovereignty and independence.

Our people did not have the opportunity to express their will on the new institutional form of the state. Not only because it was not consulted through a referendum by universal and secret suffrage, but also because the members of the Constituent Assembly themselves were elements not elected by the people but by the Albanian Communist Party. It is logical that, as such, they have done nothing but obey the orders of Moscow where, among other things, the new institutional form of the Albanian state had previously been decided.

During the period that has elapsed to date, the Albanian People’s Republic has never shown that it is following the interests of the Albanian nation and people. Especially after the rupture of relations with anti-conformist Yugoslavia, Albania has completely become a Soviet column and a military base of Muscovite imperialism.

The people, in “his” republic, don’t count at all. Indeed, he was the first victim of oppression exercised by a handful of men.

Forced labor, internment and imprisonment mercilessly hit a large mass of Albanians. The standard of living has dropped worryingly. The reforms, especially the agrarian one around which the Tirana government has staged a great noise – has worsened the conditions of the peasants more. A lack of commercial relations with the countries of the Western world has made life very difficult for the majority of citizens. Even today, five years after the end of the war, the current government of Tirana has failed to provide the people with basic necessities, which are very scarce. So there is a complete lack of medicines, as well as clothing. While the cost of living is the highest imaginable.

Everyone, in Albania and beyond, is now convinced that the current “people’s democratic regime” is causing the total destruction of our people. Who, physically and morally exhausted after so many attempts at revolt and insurrection, and unable – without concrete help from abroad – to overthrow the regime of terror and misery and establish a truly free and democratic government.

As long as the Albanians do not have the much desired support of the Western countries, the “people’s republic” will not have to fear at all and will be able to celebrate even more anniversaries.

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