Biographies – Alarupi thru Skenderj

This biographical list dates between 1950-1952 and is among the documents of the personal library of Kapidan Ndue Gjon Gjomarkaj.

(English translation follows)

ALARUPI, VASIL: 45 years old from Korca. A well known journalist in Albania. Enjoys many friendships in the orthodox areas. Today resides in the United States of America.

ALLTUNI, MEHMET: 48 years old from Kavaja. He exerts a significant influence in his surroundings. He also espouses fighting qualities because he often leads his people in different movements. He is not subscribed to any party, but is ready to fight for the freedom of the country when the struggle will have a serious basis. Today resides in Canada.

BAJRAKTARI, MUL: 50 years old, Bajraktar of Hoti, Colonel in the Albanian Army. He is well know in the mountains of the north of Albania. Today resides in Damascus.

BUSHATI, XHELAL: 45 years old, from the well known family of Bushati of Shkokdra. He has many friends and sympathizers in the districts of Shkodra. Wishes cooperation by all Albanian patriots. Today resides in Verona.

BICAKU,SHYQRI: 30 year old from Elbasan. Has military qualities and is well known in his country. Today resides in Italy.

DODA, YMER: 40 years old from Reci, Dibra. He finished high school and was a functionary of the state. His house is one of the most well-known in northern Albania. Possesses military qualities. Today resides in Germany.

FRASHERI, MEDHI: 75-year-old statesman, at one time Deputy, Minister, former Prime Minister, former regent. Author of history books and researcher of Albanian problems. He is known inside and outside Albania as a person with experience in politics. He represented Albania for many years, in relation to national affairs, in Geneva and as member of the Albanian delegation at the Versailles peace conference. He strongly advises the unification of all Albanian patriots everywhere. Resides in Rome.

GUARKUQI, KARL: He completed his University studies in Austria. He is one of the founders of national education and one of the most eloquent speakers of the Albanian language. Author of books and translations, which are examples of pure writing. Enjoys great consideration among all areas of Albania. Today resides in Palermo.

KALOSHI, MURAT: 65 years old. One of the most well-known leaders in Dibra. Enjoys significant influence in his country. Today resides in Instanbul.

KLISSURA, ALI: Attorney with Klisura e Permeti, 58 years old. He started fighting for Albanian democracy in his youth. He is known as one of the best orators in Albania. While Deputy in the Parliament he opposed Zog1. He was one of the first protagonists of the June 1924 uprising and one of the strongest supporters of the Fan Noli regime. He lived in exile for 15 years during the Zoghist regime. He is one of the founders of “Balli Kombtar”. Today leads said organization, which in June 1950 expelled from part of its members who today are known under the name “Balli Agrarian”, headed by Hasan Dosti. He wishes for the unification of the Albanian forces in exile and is the author of a realistic policy. Currently a resident in Alexandria, Egypt.

KOLGJINI, TAHIR: 45 years old from Luma. He was a high-ranking state official. Acts diligently for a unification of national forces. A man known for his wisdom and patriotic feelings in large areas of the Albanian territory. He possesses military qualities. Today resides in Istanbul.

KRAJA, ILJAZ: 45 years old from Shkodra. Brother of Hafiz Kraja, who is imprisoned in Albania by the Enver regime. Today resides in Rome.

LICO, EDUARD: 35 years old from Korca. Received a doctorate in Rome. Works as editor-in-chief of “Albanie Libre“, a branch of BKI. He is one of the hopes of Albanian journalism. Today resides in Rome.

LITA, TAF: 35 years old from Luma. The son of Osman Lita. Enjoys many friendships in his country. Today resides in Instanbul.

MUKA, KOCO: 60 years old, from Himara. He took part in all national movements and was known for his patriotic feelings. Lived 15 years in exile during the Zoghist regime. He is one of the exponents of Ali Klissura’s “Balli Kombetar” Organization and enjoys many friendhships, especially in the orthodox part of southern Albania. He is for the unification of Albanians. Today resides in Alexandria, Egypt.

PERVIZI, PRENG: General of the Albanian Army. Known as one of the most skillful and pragmatic officers in the country, 52 years old from Kurbin. He nurtures the desire for the unification of Albanians. He has an agreement with the Kapidan of Mirdita, Gjon Marka Gjoni. Today resides in Athens.

SKENDERJ, XHEVDET: 40 years old from Kurvaleshi. Officer in the Albanian Gendarmerie. Today resides in Damascus.

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