Asllan and Kapllan Libohova

They were born in Libohova in 1917, pursuing the same studies and careers.  Completed their formal education in Paris and London while completing their military high school, military academy, and officers’ school in Italy and becoming officers in the Albanian Army in 1936. Served as Commanders in the Balkan War 1941-1943 at the head of Albanian volunteers fighting for the liberation of Chameria. Senior officers, academics and diplomats.

In 1947 they resigned from the army. They lived in Egypt as advisers to a powerful economic and financial group that allowed them to travel to Europe, Africa and Asia. They lived in exile in Italy, Switzerland, France. They have collaborated with many international and American organizations to present Albania’s problems and tragic situation during the communist regime and dictatorship. They have also published numerous articles in Albanian journals and in the press in exile and in the international press on Albanian issues in order to better understand its history abroad.

They remained prominent Albanian personalities of the national cause.