April 1, 1950/1 Avril, 1950


A political action inspired by constructive resolutions must find its foundation in the inescapable demands of reality, and this which imposes the line of conduct, moderating the passionate impulses of the soul and marking the necessary limits to every initiative. One does not surpass the field of useful realizations by letting oneself be abandoned to rash romantic stirrings, even if praiseworthy for an intimate ideal propulsion; on the contrary, there is a risk of compromising the outcome of the pre-established purpose.

The founders of the Independent National Bloc, taking into careful consideration the painful contingencies in which the problem of the chained fatherland is currently under, resolved to simplify the program of their political group as much as possible, summarizing it into two main objectives:
1. free Albania from communism of all colors;
2. work to reintegrate the Albanian people in the full freedom to express their will frankly and choose the state systems that suit them most.

These two points specify the imperative of the historical moment that the Albanian nation is going through. The fact that in this colorful post-war period, in which ideological labels are all the rage, the opportunity to put at the head of the statute of the Bloc a resounding declaration indicating its similarities and analogies with some important foreign parties is considered  a bit strange and perhaps even a bit simplistic by many. We want to remain alien to slavish imitations. True political currents are born and develop among the people and represent the actual needs of the people who act to satisfy them without, however, going beyond the limits of legality. But this is not a question of particular needs felt by a class or a group, here we are faced with the most dangerous attempt at de-nationalization that has ever been known in our even anguished history as a nation. Russia needs Albania as a territory, not Albanians as a people. Unfortunately, it has found a gang of torturers in the country and in six years, directing and inciting their ferocious work, has managed to eliminate the most chosen part of the race with the intent of eradicating their soul and reducing the people to an amorphous mass, to a herd of slaves docile to the commands of the Muscovite master.

Political parties are an expression of the thought and will of free men. First of all to the Albanians, to our oppressed brothers at home, we must strive to preserve the quality of men, qualities that they are losing; they must be given back the most basic personal freedoms, currently suffocated in terror and blood. We exiles can only affirm one thing without fear of denial: that the vast majority of our people anxiously awaits us to help them get out of the hell in which they suffer. The nightmare that oppresses him does not allow him for a moment to think about the future structure of the state. He longs for liberation, he longs to get out of the isolation imposed on him by the iron curtain, he aims to return to the free acceptance by the free people of Europe. This for now and nothing else.

Therefore, logically we exiles, we Albanians who have the exceptional fortune to live outside from the hell of terror created at home by the Muscovite emissaries, who can freely think and move and act, only with a mandate must we consider ourselves invested by the popular aspiration which he directs his fermenting hopes towards us; the mandate to use all energy to rush to the aid of the nation and restore its freedom, drawing it from the bloody clutches of communism.

We challenge the usefulness of studying and discussing some of the fundamental aspects concerning the future structure of the State, but all this, if it is not expressed in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, if addressed in a  in a state of acrimonious controversy, the final purpose, which aims to prepare a ground free from constraints to the solution of the questions pertaining to the future of the homeland, can irreparably suffer. The controversy must not cloud the view, which must remain fixed on the principal objective; the liberation of Albania from communism.

To achieve this goal, let us repeat it to the point of boredom, it is necessary to bring together all the anti-communist forces, to frame them and set them in motion according to an agreed plan of action.

The enemy must be evaluated without harmful illusions. He opposes us solidly, decisively, ready to use every weapon without scruples, with the support of the Cominform who knows what he wants and how to get it.

Today the Independent National Bloc considers it inappropriate to place too much emphasis on ideological and party differences, not for lack of ideas on the future systems of the liberated country, but because it surmises that the intent and the effort to overthrow the bloody regime raging at home should prevail over these differences.

Therefore, the program of the Bloc, in which the insistent spirit of a thorough action against communism dominates, represents, in the linear generic nature of its postulates, an evident capacity to welcome and offer projects of effective collaboration between genuine anti-communist forces, without thereby precluding the way to the realization of its ideal goals – work that will be vigorously undertaken after the liberation and which we will deal with in another following article.

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