Assasination Attempt on Dr. Ismail Verlaci

On 28 November, 1949 Ndue Gjomarkaj sent a letter to the members of the BKI notifying them of an attempt on the life of the President of the BKI, Dr. Ismail Verlaci.  The original letter shown below states that the attempt was made on the evening of 16 November, 1949 at 21.30 hours outside the home of Dr. Verlaci.

A car was parked outside his house. When he exited his home shots were fired at him. Fortunately they missed. The letter further states that by the grace of God his life was spared and that the incident in no way deters his determination to continue the fight.

This is a significant event as the attempted murder took place one month before Plan II of the secret mission was to take effect, thereby assuming that whoever tried to murder Dr. Verlaci was probably aware of the upcoming mission and tried to alter its outcome in some way.

Plan II of the mission went ahead as scheduled.


The following article was published in the BKI’s gazette, L’Albanie Libre, on December 25, 1949:


On the evening of last November 25th, while leaving his home together with a friend, some unidentified individuals fired a gun from a car a number of times  in an attempt to assassinate Dr. Ismail Verlaci.

Luckily, all the bullets were misfired, leaving Dr. Verlaci, as well as his friend, unarmed.

From investigations,which were immediately undertaken by the police, no known assailants have been identified until now.