Letter from the Secretary of State at the Vatican, Giovanni B. Montini -10.4.1945

This letter was written by then Secretary of State Father G.B. Montini (Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini) who during the period of 1939-1947 created and ran an information office regarding prisoners of war and refugees. Father Montini would eventually become Pope Paul VI, in 1963 and lead the Catholic Church until his death in 1978.

The letter was written to Father Giuseppe (Zef) Valentini, S.J. to be forwarded to Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni.

Through the cold war years, the Church was instrumental in aiding the Albanian refugees in Italy and the leaders of the BKI kept in close communication with the Vatican.

As history shows the ties between the leaders of North of Albania and the Catholic Church were instrumental in maintaining a Catholic stronghold in the north of Albania. It was therefore important for the refugees to keep that line of communication open.

SECRETARY OF STATE                                           FROM VATICAN                                   4 OCTOBER, 1945
N. 1053I6/S

Most Reverend Father,

in reference to your letter of 29 September, in which you introduced to this Secretary of State
the Prince of Mirdita, S.A. Gjon Marka Gjoni, currently a refugee in Rome,
I have the honor to inform you that the Holy Father has graciously deigned
to grant him a subsidy of 30.000 lire.

I therefore take the liberty of sending you the attached check,
with recommendation to forward it to the recipient.

The Pontiff accompanies the offering with the comfort of the Apostolic Blessing.

I am taking this opportunity to profess a sense of religious respect for your most devoted self in our Father

G.B. Montini


Esteemed Father
P.G. Valentini, S.J.

Oriental Pontifical Institute 
(enclosed check for 30.000)