Contributors to the Missions

The missions into Albania between 1949-1953 would not have not been a possible without the assistance of many nationalists within the Albanian territory, specifically in the North.

The relationship between the BKI and these individuals was one of respect, trust and the long term kinship they felt with the members of the BKI. 

While the missions ultimately did not have their intended success, that of overthrowing the communist regime, they did in fact inflict enough damage resulting in many casualties to the communists. 

Needless to say, the number of lives lost on the part of the nationalists was also high; any life lost was a detriment to the national spirit and a great loss to the common cause. 

The lives of these fighters will be forever remembered in the hearts of all nationalists and have been written about in folk songs and poems. 

Below are the names of “some” of the contributors, fighters and resistance fighters who fought alongside Alush Lleshanaku, Gjon Gjnaji, Kol “Nik” Cuni and Ndue Melyshi during their missions into Albania, which began in February 1949.

Although many more heroes contributed to the cause, the few mentioned here are just an example of the moral character and loyalty rooted in all the participants of the fight against communism.

May they rest in peace!