Lista e Emrave të Agjentëve Komunistë në Mirdita – 12.20.1951

The original letter was intercepted and translated by the Italian Secret Service. At that time Italy was under a center-right government and many inside the government were very worried about the rise of communism. The Italian government often intercepted documents and letters from Yugoslavia or Albania addressed to Gjon Markagjoni and Ndue Gjomarkaj before delivery and translated them for their own records.

Kjo listë është pjesë e dokumenteve arkivore që i përkasin Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni. Kjo letër i ishte shkruar Kapidan Gjon Marka Gjoni nga Pjeter Kodeli në 1951. Ajo rendit emrat e tradhtarëve dhe komunistëve në Mirditë në 1951.

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The letter above was sent to Kapidan Gjon Marka Gjoni from Pjeter Kodeli in 1951. It includes a list which is part of the archival documents belonging to Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni. It lists the names of the traitor and communists in the Mirdita region of Albania in 1951. Following is the English translation.

Pjeter Kodeli from Prizrend, Kosmet (Yugoslavia) writes on 3.12.1951 to Prince Gjon Marka Gjoni:

“On 1.12.1951 (December 1, 1951) I received your letter dated 23.11.1951 (November 23, 1951). I understood everything that you wrote and am very happy that you are in good health. It is true that I have not written to you for a long time, but since we live with the bajraktar in the same house, we wrote to you together on 20.11.1951 where we answered all your questions. When we receive a letter from you it’s as if it was written by our father or brother and you comfort us and give us all courage, as only you are able to do, because you can understand better than us the situation in the Albania of Enver Hoxha, which has dried up the hearts of all the Albanians.

The bajraktar1’s health is better now, after having suffered so much, because here we are lacking medicines like penicillin, streptomycin, etc. In addition to his illness he also suffers from a severe form of rheumatism.

All the immigrants celebrated the day of the National Holiday (of the flag). We invited all the local Prizrend authorities, who gave us full freedom to celebrate that date; more than a hundred people took part with our real red and black flag (without a Bolshevik star) and with the photographs of Skanderbeg, Ismail Qemali and Frasheri Sami, Naim and Abdyl.

The Yugoslav government and people helped us morally and materially on this occasion and we must be grateful to them that they satisfied our desire by making the best hotel in the city available to us for that day, at the same time without neglecting assistance for all the immigrants.

We asked the bajraktar about Zef Marka Tuci; he is confined. Nikoll Marka Tuci, was at home until August, which is until I was there. Llesh of Nikoll Llesh Pjetri from Lufej arrived these last few days from Mirdita and told us that in these last times no nationalist was killed in the mountains. But they continue to imprison and every day people are on the run; actually I am letting you know that Dom Nikoll Kimeza was released from prison and as they wanted to imprison him again, he escaped and went into hiding together with others who, for the time being I cannot tell you the names, but as soon as they arrive in Yugoslavia I will let you know. Zef Shyti is here in a nearby village; here is his address: Sul Ademi Gjinavce Suharek Kosmet Yugoslavia.

Among the Mirditors residing here are the bajraktar with his son, Marka Deda and Gjergj Koka from Perlati. We have also seen some Kosovars who have emigrated a while ago from Mirdita. Ded Allaku is fine and I gave him your address. He sent his son and stayed for two days here with us, he is fine too. Even Dod Ndoja from the Kokas, who stayed at your house at the time of the union with Italy, is here. As for Gjergj Perkolla and Ded Doci, I still can’t tell you anything, but I’ll write to you next time. I met with Dod Nura and he sends you many greetings. Together with Marka Dod Gjini also came Lek Tun Gjin Doda from Laci and is now in Peja. I do not know their address for now, but I will send them to you next time. For Father Kelmendi I did not ask for information, but as far as I know he must have been eliminated. As I have already written to you, your son Nikoll came here with Ndue Pjetri, they were fine and we spent a few days together, too little to tell the truth. He is a dear boy and his behavior is truly exemplary. As soon as they arrived in Mitroviza they wrote us both. They find themselves well and are in good company.

You wrote me to send you a list of the names of Enver Hoxha’s agents and now, together with the bajraktar and Marka Doda, we list it there ‘”this list includes the people who are most guilty against our people”:



  1. Bib Dod Prenga

  2. Llesh Dod Prenga

  3. Pal Gjok Prenga


  1. Gjon Marka Kola

  2. Ndue Marka Kola

  3. Llesh Marka Kola

  4. Preng Llesh Pjetri


  1. Bardhok Kaleci

  2. Nikoll Gjon Tuci


  1. Ded Brunga and family


  1. Frrok Llesh Gjoni



  1. Mark Preng Gjoni


  1. Gjet Bardhi

  2. Ndue Gjet Ndoj


  1. Ndue Preng Nikoll Lleshi with familiar


  1. Gjon Dod Biba

  2. Marka Ndue Prenga

  3. Prend Ndue Gjika with family

BLINISHTI 2ndclass

  1. Llesh Gjon Marku


  1. Jak Gjin Prenga

  2. Tom Zefi


  1. Ndue Ded Marku

  2. Ndok Ndreka

GJEGJAN 1stclass

  1. Jak Zefi

  2. Pal Gjin Prendi



  1. Zef Keci

  2. Marka Zefi

BAJRAK DI DIBRI (1stclass)


  1. Bardhok Zogu with family


  1. ef Ndue Dod

  2. Marka Prendi


  1. Shkurt Bardhi

  2. Bardhok Jaku


  1. Gjon Uku


  1. Bardhok Ndue Prendy with family

BAJRAK OF FANDI (1stclass)


  1. Cup Pari with family

  2. Ndrec Nikolli


  1. Gjet Llesh Milici

  2. Ndue Frrok Kola

  3. Bardhok Ndue Gjoka


  1. Ndue Marka Prenga


  1. Ndue Nikoll Ndoj


  1. Zef Preng Lleshi

  2. Zef Frrok Gega

  3. Gjon Llesh Marleka

  4. Zef Ndue Gjoka


  1. Gjet Bushati


  1. Gjet Ndue Gjoka



  1. Gjin Doci with family

  2. Zef Nezha


  1. Gjete Llesh Guri

  2. Ded Gjon Ndrejaj with family

  3. Ndue Gjon Sgjata

  4. Gjergj Mareno

  5. Ded Gjon Lleshi

  6. Gjon Ded Maca

  7. Preng Ndue Picaku

  8. Pjeter Marka Prenga

  9. Ndue Pal Cara w/family

  10. Gjin Cara


  1. Gjon Gjonaj

  2. Frrok Gjok Ndreca w/family

  3. Preng Bib Gjini w/family

  4. Bardhok Zefi w/family

  5. Nikoll Ndrec Lepuri

  6. Marka Preng Marku

  7. Gjon Llesh Ndoj

  8. Gjon Marka Kola


  1. Nikoll Tarazhi with family

  2. Gjet Ndue Ndoka


  1. Gjin Gjok Doda with family

  2. Kol Ndue Perleka with family

  3. Ded Tryci

  4. Nikoll Geg Kacorri

  5. Ndrec Marndrejaj

  6. Frrok Llesh Gjoka



  1. Ndrec Ndue Balloshi with family

  2. Baftja Mera with family

  3. Sul Kedheli


  1. Ndrec Ndue Balloshi with family

  2. Baftja Mera with family

  3. Marka Preng Ndreca with family

  4. Gjon Kol Perkeci


  1. Adem Cara with family

  2. Shaqir Ahmet Cara


  1. Rexhep Dostani


  1. Isla Koleci


  1. Lazder Gjik Lleshaj



  1. Cub Gjergj Prendi

  2. Ndue Frrok Sefgjini

  3. Kol Mehill

  4. Pasho Gjergj Rica

  5. Kol Mehill Shpani

  6. Ded Preng Bruka

  7. Frrok Kalthi

  8. Pashko Preng Lleshi

  9. Mehill Fufi

  10. Marka Ndue Rica



  1. Llesh Preng Nikolla

  2. Preng Lakna

  3. Preng Ndue Biba


  1. Gjergj Frrok Jaku


  1. Preng Puci



  1. Marka Ndue Dudi with family


  1. Llesh Dudi w/family

  2. Ndue Geg Dudi w/family

  3. Ndue Pjeter Fiku w/family

*These last three betrayed Marka Ndue Pali from Berzane of Bulgri.

We hereby sign our names to confirm everything above:

Signed: Ndue Bajraktari – Marka Dod Gjini – Pjeter Kodeli – Gjergj Koka

COMMENTS: In thisletter we first of all point out how tactfully the Titian authorities contributed to the success of the November 28thcelebration, allowing it to take place in an atmosphere of pure and fervent nationalism.

Dom Nikoll Kimeza, Catholic priest, parish priest of Kalevare in Mirdita, cousin of Pjeter Kimeza, so often named in our missions, if he enters Yugoslavia, as the writer of this letter announces, we can say that our nucleus of refugees will find in him a spiritual leader and a political leader of great authority. He is over 70 years old, but he is still strong and vigorous. He suffered torture in prison by the communists. He is an energetic writer and has exercised an undisputed ascendancy over the population in Mirdita. But he is also very well known throughout the north and greatly esteemed.

We include the long list of communist agents in Mirdita,since it could be the case that sooner or later you could have news and information from your other particular sources.

The Bajraktar mentioned in the letter is Ndue Bajraktarj of Kushneni.

Postscript:Kapidan, to compile the list these four people gathered in a kind of Council: Ndue Bajraktari, Mark Ded Gjini, Llesh Nikoll Lufi, Gjergj Koka; fifth myself Pjeter Kodeli. Among the many names of traitors and communist agents, we have chosen those that seemed the most dangerous to us. Marka Doda tells us that there are also others whose names we will send to you later.

I sincerely thank you for the advice you gave me for my son, “I registered him, obeying you, in the third class of the grammar school.”

I will not write further this time, but we send you the best regards along with your friends: Ndue Bajraktari, Marka Doda, Gjergj Kola, Llesh Nikoll Lufi and I, Pjeter Kodeli.

Kapidan, please give our greetings to Kapidan Ndue, Nikoll Melyshi, Gjergj Ndue Gjergji, Gjon Pietri.

To you in particular we take your hand with respect.

Always yours with the besa2

(signed) Pjeter Kodeli


I also send you regards and greetings.

Gjon son of Pjeter Kodeli

1Ndue Bajraktarj of Kushneni.

2Word of Honor

3Territorial unit of the Ottoman Empire, consisting of a group of villages led by a Bajraktar.