During the Cold War the Italian Intelligence Services (SIFAR) played a major role in the activity of the Albanian cause. They were instrumental in supporting the missions to Albania. In their role they also intercepted all the correspondence between the refugees in Yugoslavia and Italy.

These historical documents were translated into Italian before being forwarded to the respective recipients.

Ndue Gjomarkaj’s personal library has maintained many of these documents and they are a window into the lives of these refugees as well as eye witness accounts of the events which were unfolding in Albania between the years of 1945-1952.

Many reflect the events of the time as they were taking place. You will have a window into the sacrifices made by these brave fighters who were battling the evil forces of communism.

We all know how the story ended, but what many of us didn’t know where the specific details, feelings and concerns felt by these refugees who were so far from their country and families; many of which were in dire situations after fleeing Albania upon the communist takeover. Fleeing so that they could come together in exile and unite in the fight against the communists.

We can say for certain that their camaraderie, purpose, hope of a better future and ultimate freedom of Albania kept them alive.

Invitation to Albanian Independence Day – 1945

Appeal to President Truman – 1947

Telegram from Alush Lleshanaku – 1950

Letter to Kol Bib Mirakaj from Gjon  Lek Zogu – 1951

Letter to Gjon Marka Gjoni from Kol Marka Ndoj – 1951

Telegram from King Zog I -1955