Dr. Lin Shkreli

Dr. Lin Shkreli

Born in Shkoder in 1920. Traveled to Italy in 1938 for studies in Medicine and Law, graduating with a Law Degree from Rome. He never returned to Albania.

After being wounded on the streets of Rome in 1944, during WWII, by a stray bomb thrown at the Germans, he sustained irreparable damage to his arm and changed his studies from Medicine to Law.

He was President of the Albanian Students Association in Italy. Leading this Association in the anti-communist effort by sending appeals to various foreign Embassies in Rome.

Served on the BKI Council and directed the youth of the BKI.

Dr. Shkreli was a very educated, active individual who dedicated himself with all the impetus of his youthful temperament to the advocated cause of his party. He was indispensable to the party and Dr. Verlaci’s closest confidante.

He lived in Rome where he was also laid to rest in 1985.