September/Shtator 1949


The communist government of Tirana, after looting the private property of Albanian citizens inside Albania, has decided to extend its looting among Albanians in exile. For this purpose, he is addressing Albanians, wherever they are in the world, and is asking them to raise a sum of money which he needs in a hurry.

In a short time, the communist government of Tirana has spent colossal sums – not for the reconstruction of the country, but for completely useless things. Now the Albanian state treasury is empty. The domestic loan, which opened three months ago, failed. The Albanian people published that loan, showing contribution only on a very small scale!

The red sultan of Albania, Enver Hoxha, demands from the Albanians in exile a contribution of 25 million lek, equal to 500 thousand American dollars.

The Albanian communist government has thought of addressing the Albanians in exile, so that it can cope with the critical situation. The persons, charged with collecting the contributions in question, are these communists: Red despot Fan Noli and John Nasse in the USA; Thoma Janollari and Mitro Rrapi in Argentina; Zihni Buzo and Sali Bir in Australia; Besim Ismail and Dhimitri Dede in Cuba; Perikli Gjini e Thanas Hito in St. Etienne; Kosta Dirma and Anton Zuni in Paris.


Whoever responds to the call of Enver Hoxha, paying the contribution to which he calls, strengthens, unwittingly, the red dictatorship that is oppressing our people and secures for himself the heaviest curse of the Albanian Nation.

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