Ndue Gjon Melyshi

Ndue Gjon Melyshi (1912)

Ndue Gjon Melyshi was born in Mirdita in 1912.

He is the last survivor of the period during which the BKI was initiated and most active.

He participate in a number of secret missions, parachuting into Albania, beginning with the first one on February 15, 1949 under the leadership of the leaders of the Independent National Bloc.

Ndue Gjon Melyshi currently lives in Shkodra, Albania. He is 107 years old and that in itself is a miracle, but most importantly he is the ultimate survivor of a fierce group of resistance fighters.

He is the last surviving participant in the struggle against communism who fought in the mountains of Mirdita between 1944 and 1953. He must be remembered as a hero to the people of Mirdita!